Voice Over Demo Record with David Goldberg



Appropriate For: Aspiring Professional / Working Professional

A fully produced demo with Edge Studio CEO and Founder, David Goldberg. Package includes strategy session, custom script creation, demo preparation session, demo record, and the production of a demo overseen directly by David himself.

Need a little help paying for your demo? Edge Studio offers interest-free, in house financing for all our students. Please contact our main office at 212-868-3343 or email training@edgestudio.com for more information about how to enroll.


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If you are an Aspiring Professional currently in an Edge Studio training program, or are currently a Working Professional, this Voice Over Demo Record with David Goldberg package becomes available to you upon approval.  Please fill out the form at the top of this page and an Edge Studio team member will be in touch within 2-3 business days.

Put David Goldberg‘s golden ears to use for you! David Goldberg is one of the most sought after coaches in the world. Voice actors rely on his ability to help them realize their full potential, benefiting from his perception, directing ability, and production savvy. While working one-on-one with David, you will hone your voice over skills and learn why David is considered to have the best ears in the industry. Clients and agents rely on David’s ability to pinpoint the right voice actor for their production. Voice actors rely on his ability to help them find their full potential, benefiting from his perception, straight-forwardness, production savvy, and those acute ears.  Get your voice over demo record with David Goldberg today, or view one of our other options for working 1-on-1 with David!

Step 1 – Demo Strategy
You and David will determine the type of demo most relevant for you to record, and map out the best way to produce it. This will be based on two criteria: 1) Your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, your experience, and your interests. 2) An assessment David will give you during the session. Together you’ll map out an effective plan for producing a new demo that will attract your preferred clients and casting teams.

Step 2 – Demo Prep
During this session, David will find and edit copy specifically for your demo. You will have plenty of time to read all the copy with David and make any last minute changes. Together, you’ll confirm that the length of the copy is appropriate for your demo, that it offers the right amount of variety (based on your goals and interests), that it reads well, and – most importantly – that you’re comfortable with it. If all is good, then move to Step 3. If not, recommendations will be made and changes will be enacted prior to you moving on to recording a demo.

Step 3 – Demo Recording
David directs you during your recording session. Either record in person at Edge Studio NYC, or record at your or any approved alternate studio and David will direct you via phone, Zoom, Skype, or ipDTL.

Step 4 – Demo Edit, Sound Design, & Mix
David works with his team to edit, sequence, process, mix, and master your demo. It will be emailed to you for your review, and you and David discuss any comments you may have. There are never additional fees for one round of reasonable revisions. We want you to feel comfortable and happy with your demo.