Private Business Mentoring, with David Goldberg



This Program is designed to get you winning work! Join Edge Owner and CEO (Chief Edge Officer), David Goldberg, for a personalized mentorship program designed completely around your schedule and for your needs.

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You Get:

      • 6 Private 1-Hour Consultations, with David (1 each month for 6 months)Schedule this privately through our office.This is when you and he do nothing other than focus on your entire career, including developing an overall plan, your marketing, your clients, your rate card,… Ask all your questions. Together discuss all your ideas.  You and David will break down everything, and together you’ll map out realistic strategies and find the smartest path toward your goals.
      • 6 Private 15-Minute Audition Directing Sessions, by David (1 each month for 6 months)Schedule this privately through our office.Via Zoom, David will direct you when you practice – or record an audition. Most voice actors wait for, what they consider, a very good audition. When David voice-directs, voice actors quite often book the job.
      • Plus!!!! You’re welcome to participate in the 24 Voice Workouts that take place during your 6-month program.


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