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Learn From Our Voice Over Judge

Hear from David Goldberg, judge of the Monthly Audition Contest and owner of Edge Studio, as he selects winners of the contest ending every month. He reviews the top entrants, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each one, whittles them down to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and explains why the winners were selected.

He also discusses the most common mistakes that entrants made as well as the areas in which entrants excel – that information can be reviewed each month in the Audition Contest archive above.

Terms and conditions:
These prizes are for eligible winners starting in June, 2021.
For 1st place winners: Voice123 discount only applies to upgrades [including new sign ups] and renewals, paid only on the annual basis.
Renewals also apply to the cost of the plan (paid annually) with a 20% discount, minus the prorated amount for whatever is left of your current plan.
There are no refunds for this promotion.
There are no downgrading discounts (e.g., if you’re a paying member & you switch to a lower cost tier, you will not be able to apply this discount for the lower membership tier).
Only available for the $395, $888 or $2200 tiers
Not available for the $49, $99, $199 or $4950 tiers
For 3rd place winners: does not include any “Featured Webinars”

This Month's Contest:

Director's Notes:

This is a simulated commercial audition for a :15 TV spot for Sandals Resorts that will run on numerous major networks. We are looking for 'the voice' of Sandals; one that is personality-driven, one that will stand out, one that will be recognizable, one that listeners will associate with Sandals.  This voice should be smooth and should soothe all the stress out from our guests, while being fun and friendly -- like a spirited friend telling you about a super exciting place where you can relax and be transported to a beach on the Caribbean where everything is included. No slate.
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