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August 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021
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August 1, 2021 - August 31, 2021

Voice Direction:

This is a simulated audition for an 8 section HR safety video series for GE. Each section will range from 30 to 60 minutes. The videos will be played to employees at all our labs in 11 different countries. The voice will be synced to various charts and graphics in the video.


The purpose of this 8-section video-series is to increase your knowledge of ionizing radiation and to help you develop safe work habits here in the GE laboratory. A test will follow each section. Select "section 1" when you're ready to begin.

Winners and All Entries Below

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Congratulations to our winners, Gene Manning, Randall Horvath, and Tanya Sudy. What better way to demonstrate and learn about narration than a quick course in ionizing radiation? No, really, in most VO genres, you never know when you’ll encounter something new. They each did a good job of expressing confidence, with clarity and a more friendly manner than some.  These tips will help you radiate all those qualities – or whatever the Director asks for – in your next audition.

Edge Studio VO Tip #1
Read as if you’re interested in the subject matter.  Especially in this case … the Director’s Notes say that it’s an eight-part series. This video needs to gain the viewer’s interest, and sustain it. Some of that responsibility goes to the visual component and the scriptwriter. Some of that is also up to you. But many people sounded bored. Consider this: If the client thinks it should be of interest to their employees, shouldn’t you sound like it interests you? Maybe it seems boring to you, but remember, you’re talking to prospective lab workers, not students just filling a credit requirement. So bring the interest level up if necessary, certainly not down.

Over the many years of directing voice actors, our CEO, David Goldberg, has developed simple voicing techniques that result in you sounding as if you’re interested in the material – even when you’re tired, bored, and lost in endless chapters of dry material.

Edge Studio VO Tip #2
Look up definitions and meanings. Please.
In a real-world audition, if you’re chosen for this job, it will be because you sound like you know what you’re talking about. But suffice to say, some auditioners didn’t.  Some people emphasized words illogically. It may have been the wrong word in a phrase, or emphasis wasn’t needed in that phrase at all. Others mispronounced words. A few auditions had a sing-song variety that wasn’t appropriate.  The solution to all these issues is in knowing what you’re saying. Look up definitions and pronunciation of anything you don’t understand. Then don’t read. Speak.

Edge Studio VO Tip #3
Your audition audio must be technically clear, and so must your elocution. Many people read very quickly, which leads to several issues.  One, reading too quickly, especially over a long haul leads to slurred words and sloppy pronunciation. Two, the viewer needs to absorb what your saying, and relate it to the visual content, which is probably their mental focus. The producer will need some clean breaks – not too far apart, but not too many – so they can match the read to the image. Reading at a moderate pace will also let you breathe naturally (which, with other natural pauses, may be all the breaks the producer needs). And in workplace and educational situations there may be listeners from (or in) many countries, for whom English might not be their first language.

As for technical clarity, although this simulated audition is a “learning experience,” make your entry as technically good as you can. Use a pop screen. Control sibilance (overly sharp “S” sounds). Make your volume loud enough, but not so loud it distorts. Here’s more on audio levels: How To Set Proper Levels. And to learn more, consider or Home Studio 101 course.

1st place winner: Gene Manning

Judge's Comments

Generally good. He has confidence, vocal drive, and makes the material seem clear. Pacing is a smidge too fast. A few breaths land inside phrases, which cause him to sound somewhat choppy and out of breath (as if straining to breathe).  The technical quality is borderline.  It’s a little muffled, and a bit unclear. We hear random noises, maybe someone or something moving in the background. If the client will record the actual job in their own studio, these factors may not much matter. But they are distracting, could raise a screener’s eyebrows, and maybe cost him the job.

Recording submitted by Gene Manning on 27 Aug 2021 - 15:27

2nd place winner: Randall Horvath

Judge's Comments

Good phrasing, good enunciation, good tempo, all good.  But he sounds a bit dry. He could use a bit more pride or warmth in his voice.  Also, some sloppiness: He said “tuh-‘ncrease your knowledge.”  A vocal indication, such as a very short break, or a change in pitch, or a change in tempo) prior to “Section 1” would have been helpful to convey the opening quotation mark … whereas the longer pause after “Section 1” was too long. Recording quality is clear, but a noisy background and slight resonance would make it unusable in a real-world job.

Recording submitted by Randall Horvath on 23 Aug 2021 - 12:58

3rd place winner: Tanya Sudy

Judge's Comments

Overall, her tempo, pacing, and pronunciation are good.  Several other considerations detracting from those qualities. Her read is stilted and somewhat choppy, with numerous tiny hesitations between thoughts, and tiny glottal stops. (A glottal stop is a momentary closing of the throat, typically before a word that begins with a vowel). So the overall impression is that she simply needs some technical training. The pronunciation of “8-section video” is awkward – it sounds like she says “sectionuh.” Recording quality is not good – there’s way too much resonance in her space, making this unusable. The audio is otherwise clean, so improving the room tone should be her focus.

Recording submitted by Tanya Sudy on 17 Aug 2021 - 20:00

All Entries: Contest ending August 31, 2021

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