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To have a career in voiceover or voice acting, having at least one demo that showcases your voice is necessary. Demos allow you to audition for jobs and be considered by casting agents and managers. Professionally produced demos that contain only one genre of voiceover are the standard for the industry. Many voice actors prepare for these demos with private coaching and script preparation sessions. Examples of voiceover genres that you could record a demo in include commercial, audiobooks, animation, video games, elearning, promo, narration, documentary, live announcements, broadcast, character, telephony, and more.

Please note that this price does not include having David Goldberg produce your demos. To record demos with David, please click here.


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Voice over demos at Edge Studio are considered the most marketable in the industry by numerous agents, casting teams, and voice actors.

Here’s why- Many voice over demo producers in the industry produce demos which are fancy and  flashy.  This is not what we do.

We produce demos which sound like realistic snippets of work you’ve recorded (regular commercials, narrations, documentaries, elearning,…) so that clients and agents 1) gain trust in your performance and sound, and 2) have an accurate sense of how you sound.  Demos here are realistic. This is why agents recommend demo recording at Edge Studio to the voice actors who they represent.


Wondering how to record a voice over demo?  Here’s why so many voice actors trust Edge Studio-

Our approach to voice over demo recording is different:

1. You’ll work with coaches who specialize in the genre you’re pursuing, such as commercial, animation, audiobook, and 25 others. So these coaches know precisely which casting teams are hiring, where they are, and what types of voices they’re currently seeking.  So we tailor your scripts and mix (music and sound effects) to match what is in-demand at that moment. 

2. You’ll be guided to voice over genres which pinpoint the intersection of your natural voice, your strengths, your interests, and your goals. In other words, we don’t believe the “you’ve gotta have a commercial demo” theory.  We only believe you need a commercial voice over demo if you want commercial voice over work.  Otherwise your demos should focus on the genres you’re most marketable in. This leads you to get hired for more work due to being a ‘natural fit’ and having ‘comfort’ in the scripts that clients hire you to record.

3. And you’ll have our team backing you from the very moment you begin.

Where can you record an Edge voice over demo? In New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and via Zoom/Source Connect/ipDTL to any studio in the world (yours or any commercial studio)

We’ve recorded demos for voice actors residing in 25+ countries.

We have worked with studios around the world. And we sound-check the quality of every studio – your own home studio or a commercial studio.

Here’s what demo programs come with-

Our standard demo package is continually recommended by agents, casting teams, and fellow voice actors.

Every professional voice actor knows that your demo is your calling card, and the tool that you need in order to book work and develop relationships with clients. It needs to be polished, well rehearsed, and professionally produced, and able to meet the high standards of this dynamic industry.

A Voice Over Demo Record package at Edge Studio consists of an education consultation, one script prep session, one demo record session, and one professionally produced demo (including editing, sound design, and mixing).

We highly recommend that you purchase private coaching sessions prior to recording to ensure that your VO skills are as strong as possible for an optimal demo experience. Take a look at our Training & Demo Programs

This voice over demo package at Edge Studio includes everything necessary to walk away with an industry-standard, marketable voice over demo:

1. First you’ll have an CONSULTATION

Careful planning now will result in a more marketable voice over demo and a fruitful career down the road. When you sign up for the Demo Record Package, an Education Advisor will set up an introductory phone call with you to discuss your voice over goals and gather information to help set you up for success. Edge Studio will pair you with a coach who you will meet with in your prep session and who will direct your demo recording session.


In the script prep session, you will come prepared with a set of scripts to present for your coach. This is a time for you to read all the copy to your coach, and for them to review it. Together, you’ll confirm that the length of the copy is appropriate for your demo, that it offers the right amount of variety (based on your goals and strengths), that the scripts you choose will help you be marketable, and – most importantly – that you’re comfortable with it. If all is good, then move to the demo record phase. If not, recommendations will be made and changes will be enacted prior to you moving on to recording your demo.


Your coach will direct you during your recording session. Either record in person at our NYC studio location, our partner studio in Los Angeles, or Springfield, VA right outside of DC (recording in these locations is included in the cost of the program), or record at an approved alternate studio (including your own home studio!) anywhere in the world and your coach will direct you either in-person or remotely. Students are responsible for covering the cost of a studio rental, if not at one of Edge’s three recording locations. 

4. And then your EDIT, SOUND DESIGN, MIX, & MASTER

Edge Studio’s Engineering Team works to edit, sequence, process, mix, and master your demo under the supervision of Edge’s CEO, David Goldberg. It will be emailed to you for your review, and you and our Education Team will discuss any comments you may have. There are never additional fees for one round of reasonable revisions. We want you to feel comfortable and happy with your demo.

Edge Studio’s demos are top-notch quality, and you’ll walk away with a fantastic marketing tool to get your voice over career off the ground.

All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or adjustments to previous purchases will be given. All sales expire two years from the original date of purchase.

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  1. The demo experience with Edge Studio was first class from the planning stages until the day of the recording. We accomplished a lot in 1 day: four demos…and the results were just perfect.

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  2. Here’s some interesting news-I’ve had my demo in hand for less than 48 hours, and it has already delivered results. I sent it to the creative director of the corporation where I work, and he called me back within the hour to tell me he was up to his waist in voice scripts for training, product demos, customer-facing PowerPoint slide shows, and the like, and would love for me to pitch in. It looks like I’ll have some credits to cite a lot faster than I ever expected. So thanks for the education, the tips, your endless supply of patience, and the highly polished demo.

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  3. Wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the VO demo that was produced at Edge. Your team really has it together! Look for a CD of my VO demo to arrive this week at your studio. With a move to Arizona scheduled for mid-July, it would be nice to land some CT work prior to my departure. Thanks again for your help and look forward to some time in the Edge Studio again soon!

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  4. Hey, it’s Dale:-). -I just wanted to thank you and Mike again for your help, encouragement, and guidance in assisting me in getting my demo completed. As I’ve mentioned to you before, I feel very fortunate to have found Edge Studio. I can’t think of anyplace else where I would have wanted to be trained…or any other studio where I’d want to continue my training, thanks to you and Mike for all your help

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  5. The commercial and narration demos arrived on Friday. All I can say is WOW! The training I received from you and Tom plus the great production work you folks did equaled one heck of a package that I’ll be proud to send to anyone in the V/O industry. Many thanks, too for the marketing seminar. Now I’m ready to light the fires and smoke the tires. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

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