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From Mexico to VO: How I Overcame Self Doubt as an Actor

Overcoming Self Doubt

My journey into voice over has been special. My path hasn’t been straightforward and I’ve certainly faced a lot of obstacles. I am a proud voice over actor but it has taken me time to get where I am now. I’ve questioned myself and wondered whether or not I could ever make it in this industry but have learned to persevere against all odds. Most importantly, I’ve embraced my talent and motivation and learned how to overcome self doubt as a VO artist. 

Originally from México, a third world country, I often wondered whether I would be able to make it in a new industry. I come from a marketing and business background in México, and have worked in Corporate America; I questioned my ability to break into the American voice over world. When I first began thinking about trying voice over, I doubted my education and wondered if my experience could ever take me far.

I experienced self doubt in many shapes and sizes. In the beginning I had little acting experience and had a rocky start navigating this new field. I was out of my comfort zone and felt like I was up against metal barriers everyday, but I knew I had to start somewhere. 

A New Beginning

I dove into research about the industry and began investing in my VO future, studying meticulously and reading everything I could get my hands on – articles, blogs, magazines. Classes, bootcamps, and webinars took up my time. I took coaching sessions (I even got my start as a student at Edge Studio training with David Goldberg) and expanded my knowledge by attending networking events, conventions, conferences.. you name it! 

I discovered that my own personal objective was to be a voice actor, and so I nailed down a clear pathway for myself to keep me anchored toward this goal. The hard work paid off; in just four months I was breaking even, I quit my job, and started working full time in VO. I let the self doubt wash away and learned the power of resilience. 

Fast forward to today, I am a working actor who is learning new things about herself and this business everyday. The last two years have been tough for the world, but our industry has become more diverse and globally connected than ever before. Voice over is thriving.

As I continue to develop my brand, I’ve discovered how to do client outreach (sending out email blasts, connecting on LinkedIn, cold calling, Facebook groups, etc.), how to create lasting working relationships and a database of contacts, and how to solidify my own business strategies.

Finding My Own Voice

I have found my own authentic voice that represents ME. I have embraced my roots and now work consistently as a bilingual English AND Spanish speaking actor in numerous voice over genres. Most recently, I’ve been able to use my own experience to collaborate with La Industria Desde Adentro (LIDA), an organization that celebrates the Latin VO community, and have come full circle as I join Edge Studio as a new instructor on their coaching roster.

So, if you are contemplating testing the waters with voice over, my response would be to give it a try. There will be challenges and some overwhelming times but we are all capable of taking the first step. Get rid of self doubt. Take a class or watch a video. If you’re still asking yourself, “Can I make this VO thing work?”, the short answer is heck YEAH!

I hope that my story can help provide insight. Everyone’s experience is different, but I am so honored to be a part of this beautiful VO community and to share my two cents. Remember, it’s never too late to start.

Click here to read more about Amy Selma as a coach with Edge Studio, and sign up for a private coaching session with her here.

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