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Just on the scripts, right? As far as quality, it sounds a little quiet to me BUT please get multiple opinions on that before making adjustments to your recording levels because it might be my rig and your volume is fine.

Black Decker One Touch Coffee Maker: I liked this script. Can fit into a 15-second spot, nails selling points, and has a fun pitch.

Erie Insurance: A lot of repetitive word usage. Then again, it is what is being ‘sold’. I think the second half is verbal gold.

Nicholas Coffee: This is a solid script. A good 15-second spot selling a brand of coffee that has something for every coffee drinker.

For your reads. I liked them all. One Touch Coffee could have been slowed down a little,it sounded rushed to me. Erie Insurance delivery was flat to my ear, I think you’re going for serious/professional. The Nicholas Coffee recordings were both good, the “Nicholas-Coffee-2” was money though. The first word sounds clipped, missing the “kah” on crafted.