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Shay H.

Hey Everyone! I am brand new to all of this and looking for some feedback. I went to a past script reading contest and used the following prompt to make and post my first ever voice recording. I did not read or listen to the winners of this contest as I wanted to have my fresh take on it and get a feel through your feedback if I have decent instincts as to direction. Also, I would love some feedback on my voice in general and if voice acting could be worth pursuing. Please point out any changes in audio quality I need to make if my setup sounds terrible. Thanks for taking the time to listen. The prompt is below.

Voice Direction:
This is a simulated audition for American Life Investment. We want a voice actor who doesn’t sound like a voice actor. We want someone who sounds absolutely real, like a regular person without polished speech, who is charismatic and will prompt a listener to watch our video, without sounding like a spokesperson or a sales person. Feel welcome to ‘warm it up’ and sound spontaneous without straying from the script. This is the first in a series of 18 videos, each between 2 and 11 minutes in length. We use Edge Studio to cast and record.

There’s no better time than now to take control of your financial situation. Because choices you make today have a direct impact on the quality of your future. That’s why “American Life Investment” brings you this, “My Retirement Planning” video.

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