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wow, you have a really nice resonant voice. It seems to me like you have experience doing announcer types of reads. The announcer voice is great when it’s called for. Regarding the “I am anxiety,” i advice not doing the announcer voice, and allowing your voice to show the range of emotions depicted in the script. You should also try to make the two characters sound different, when they sound the same I think it takes the audience out of the “suspension of disbelief” making them very aware that this is a commercial. Doing something, like changing your pitch, tone or pace allows the listener to be immersed in the very interesting story you’re telling. I belief the narrator who says the website and phone number at the end should also have a distinct difference in their voice to distinguish them from the characters. It may be helpful to also think about “why” you’re saying each line, so you can better connect with it’s significance and identify an appropriate emotion to show.

For the cancer society read, though you have a great sounding voice and the pacing seems good to me, it would be nice to have more emotion in your read so you sound more like a real person who actually cares about what you’re saying rather than a more or less indifferent narrator. I advice visualizing a person or situation that will elicit empathy for the very deep, personal problems you speak about in your two reads. For example, visualizing someone you care deeply about suffering from anxiety or some ailment, or a situation in which you’re informing someone of an issue you care about regardless of what that is.