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Emily Gauthier

Hi Toque!

First off, wanted to say you have a very nice voice! It sounds so professional and like it’d fit right at home with the material you worked with.

For me, it sounded a little fast and samey throughout tonal-wise. I wasn’t able to distinctly see the different products in my head before you gave us the next one, so I was a little confused on which features went with what price. I think giving each product a slight variation in tone might help set them apart easier if speed can’t be sacrificed (i’m not sure if you had a strict 15 second rule for the contest). That way it feels like you’re giving each product the attention it deserves, and ergo, you’re giving the consumer a way to separate them in their head and process the information easier.

I’m not sure if that’s the feedback you were looking for, but overall an amazing read!