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You have a good voice and its probably great for promo too. For the first read, try having somebody you’re speaking to and have a reason why you’re speaking to them to help make your words flow better, so it’s not as choppy, especially in the middle and end of the read. Also, don’t be afraid to pause, just as long as the pauses are purposeful and add to the tone and vibe of the message. Pausing in the appropriate places would make the read more exciting and suspenseful. I think especially in promo, the narrator is like a voice of g*d, all knowing and in control of the message. So be purposeful with the pacing, so it doesn’t sound like you’re rushing.

For the second one, I recommend hitting the action words(like garnish, stir), instead of the nouns like “sprig.” But no need to overemphasize just have a purpose for why you’re saying what you’re saying, who specifically you’re talking to, and with the knowledge of what words to hit. it’ll come naturally. This read could also use more “flow” between the words, just like the first read, so i recommend the same thing for that. Good job!