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Hey Jeff! Great voice! For the TN Valley: There were a lot of mouth clicks throughout. I’d suggest to try a de-clicker or edit those out. It was a very fast read. It felt like this would be a documentary, so imagine the images that would appear with the copy you are reading and how long they may appear on the screen during your VO (most likely a couple of seconds or so) hopefully this will help you pace a little slower so your audience can more easily absorb the message. For the Church Attack: It lacked emotion behind the subject matter. The church attack is a horrible thing and the images that would be show with it are also…try putting your hand over your heart or something like that when you read to connect with the script (you don’t have to pour out tears but you would want to connect with the gravity of the situation). Doing that hopefully will help you with slowing your pace also. Hope this helps. Keep going…your voice is great for narration.