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Hi Dillon,
You have quite a range, as evidenced by these two very different reads. I like the air of mystery you create in the History VO. You draw us in and make us curious about this underwater wreck. Your hushed tone, while intriguing, sometimes makes picking out some words a bit challenging: “the” bleeds into “German sea” so that I wasn’t sure at first if you said “a German sea” or “the German sea.” Other words that are a little tricky: “rumors,” and “is intrigued.” Perhaps if you brought back a little bit more energy these words will pop out more. You have a fun read with lots of energy in Crayola Color Markers. My only critique on that one is on a couple of words: the “n” in “only” is a little hard to hear, and in the word “creativity” I don’t hear the differentiation between the “e” and the “a.” Nice work. I enjoyed listening to your voice overs. If you have a moment, I would much appreciate your thoughts on a VO I just uploaded, called AIG. Thanks!