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Hi! I listened a bunch of times to your recording. Here’s my 2 cents, and note that I’m not a coach…just a student at Edge in the midst of preparing my first Narration demo.

I love your smiling tone, particularly on the first sentence. You have a beautiful voice and it’s a nice clean recording. And I love Mexico, and really want to visit Guanajuato, so I was particularly attracted to your recording.

It sounds like you’re hitting a lot of words and syllables within words, it seems a little excessive and not as natural as it could be for that reason. For example, at the beginning, the word Guanajuato – sounds like you hitting “Guan” and “Jua”. Try just the first one, or hit the “Jua” with less gusto. For another example, listen to the sentence that begins “The 16th century…”, and note the number syllables you are hitting. Experiment with fewer hits and see if you like it.

Listen back for glottal stops. There are a lot of them here that you may want to smooth out or avoid.

Also a small thing, but your voice starts to fry when you say “built out of”. Not sure if that was intentional, but I think it would be better to avoid that.

Hope this helps,