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Hi Debbie –

I loved your reads in both cases! I particularly liked your tone on the Children’s space narration. For the Website greeting, I just did the same one, so I focused on that. I noticed some choppiness due to glottal stops, and also a few cases where it could have been a little more conversational. Some examples:

“of car shoppers”…(smooth out glottal stop on “of”)
“his next car” – smooth this out to sound more natural.
“could have reached Bob” – I think “could’ve reached Bob” would sound more natural here

I did like your choice of hitting “18” on “18 websites”. I personally think the glottal stop in this case is a good choice, as it is an important thing to “hit”.

I’m uploading mine too. I’d love to hear your thoughts and criticisms!

I didn’t focus on the Children’s one as much, but I noticed a few glottal stops in there as well, e.g., “some other” and “throughout”. Just maybe something to watch.


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