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Hello everyone,
Here are two recording for narration feedback. I tend to go quickly so would like feedback on my pacing as well as conversational style. The copy is listed below:

Age of Samurai
1551, Japan is in chaos. After centuries of rule, the central government has lost control… and the nation has been plunged into a brutal civil war.
Anarchy reigns as heavily armed warlords called daimyo fight for power and territory.
In the small province of Owari, in an unremarkable clan known as the Oda, one unlikely samurai is about to launch a blood-soaked campaign that will put thousands to the sword and set the course of Japanese history for the next 300 years.

The Making of an Emperor
It was the greatest empire the world has ever known. Unmatched in its brutality, its genius, its l**t for power. For centuries, Rome ruled over a quarter of the people on the planet. This series tells the story of six critical moments that shaped that empire. How it rose, how it became great, and how it fell.
There are stories of great soldiers, huge battles, and doomed rebels. There are tales of love and betrayal. And there are the emperors. The mad, the cruel, and the brilliant. This is the 500-year story of the rise and fall of the civilization that shaped our own. And it starts with the most famous Roman of them all, Julius Caesar. How he overthrew the government he served and brought revolution to Rome.

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