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Hey RCampos,
Thanks for your feedback on my post! Your voice is warm and pretty conversational. You’re not straining your voice and “pushing” which is great. I would say it would add to the believability of your delivery to quicken the pace because unless it’s requested to speak at this pace, in a conversation you would say this at a slightly faster – conversational level – pace. I also suggest determining the words you want to “hit” beforehand and highlighting/bolding them so you don’t miss the opportunity to hit words that are important for the message like little, sunlight, gravity, atoms, fundamentally, important, cosmos, time, etc. Though it’s your choice what words you think should be hit. Lastly, it felt like you had a matter-of-fact attitude for this read. There are various attitudes(ex: instructional, strict, compassionate) you could have with the read, so try experimenting, and that will also help you incorporate your personality into your reads more, which will make them even more believable.