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Hi Adam. Great pace, tone, and expression. I think your voicing is very nice. There were some technical issues. More severe with Julia than 4H. some minor things like clicking (for example 4h 23.562s). But more distractingly was a sort of distortion and/or repetative noise through large segments. Best I could guess is maybe a noise gate set to strong. I could see it in the wave form in the gaps between words. There would be big dips and peaks in the sound floor and those could be heard in ways ranging from clicks to distortion. I have had this happen to me when I either pull down levels to much on breaths or noise with abrupt transitions before and after, or when I have cut and pasted room noise into a place it isn’t well matched with it’s surroundings. I guess overall just felt overprocessed. Having said all of that, I think these would be very easy technical fixes. You have the much trickier part…a great read and sound to your voice, well on it’s way.