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You sound friendly and knowledgeable, professional as well. I really like how pleasant and resonant your voice is. Your read is really good! It’s hard to give feedback on it because there’s nothing really “wrong” with it. It sounds like a tour that would be in a museum. I sensed some genuine emotion in the read, but I think it would benefit from displaying more of that genuine emotion and personality. That would really make it “pop” above the competition in an audition I think. Because this narration is a little long (even though it’s just 1 minute, small attention span I guess), I think it’s very important to keep the listener’s attention. It seemed like you were reading a bit predictably, and by sounding more like a machine in some parts, my mind stopped paying as much attention. I would advise inviting more range in tone and genuine emotion to keep the listener’s attention. But regardless, this was a great read!