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Well, I recorded my narration demo yesterday. Yay! A bit nerve-wracking, but I feel pretty good about the whole thing.

So, concentrating on wrapping up commercial. I grabbed some stuff from the library and thought I’d give it a shot with the narration pointers/ideas/methods still fresh in my mind. I purposely loosened things up to contrast, ala commercial. I have a “seems ezif” and a “y’see” in Mailboxes, Etc., for sure. What is the consensus? How informal can you go and still remain clear?

Recorded the radio station ID first, as an ice breaker after yesterday’s demo anxiousness. Listen for the differences in the two KATT takes– they’re very subtle. (That’s a little joke you’ll get only if you listen. Does anyone really record VO like that anymore?) There is a big blast at about 4.5 second mark in KATT DJ that I’m not sure I sufficiently tamed with software. Any thoughts on it being too much?

Loving this stuff. Thanks for the reviews. I look forward to the input!

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