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Logan DFD

I’m working on my natural delivery. Do these reads sound ‘fake’? Do they have a good pitch variation? Thanks!

RiseWell Toothpaste

How do you get clean?

At RiseWell we believe oral hygiene should be natural and safe, without nasty toxins.

Our natural mineral flavours will have you feeling fresh all day.

Your teeth will not only feel healthier but also look visibly whiter.

RiseWell mineral toothpaste – as effective as a chemical clean, without nasty toxins.

Time for a mineral clean, time to RiseWell.


Can your food market pass a simple taste test?
At Balducci’s, we put taste first.
This spring, we’re loading up our stores with fresh and chef-crafted foods that are simply bursting with flavor.
Like majestic orange wild king salmon, flown in daily.
And specialties like champagne ham, slow-smoked over hickory chips and glazed with pineapple juice and brown sugar.
Now there’s a store that puts taste first.
Balducci’s. The food lover’s market.

A1 Steak Sauce

With steak, you want to make every bite count.
That’s why we use A-1 Steak Sauce.
A-1 brings out every single bite of steak, or even hamburger.
Mmmmm, delicious.
For me, there’s only one steak sauce, A-1.
Because A-1 has all the taste that makes every bite count.

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