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Shae Van Der Merwe

Hello and Happy Tuesday to everyone!
This is my first time posting on this forum and I am very excited for the feedback to help me further and better my practice. I appreciate all of you and your feedback.
I have not yet set up a home studio, as I am in the early stages of my Voice Over journey, so my apologies for the sound quality.
I am focusing on the Narration genre at the moment and am looking to broaden my range and work on diction. I would love any feedback on the delivery and interpretation of the text and my diction.
Thanks so much for the help and I wish you all success on your journey as well.
I have included the text below, it is from the Edge Studio script library.
“Hey there new employee, or should we say, new family member. As a member of the Texicon family, we want to formally introduce you to your new home, but too formal because that’s just not our style. Now you’ve already got your new uniforms and met with our incredible CEO, or head of the family as we like to call him. Now it’s time for me to bring you up to speed on what your days are going to be filled in with. Make sure you grab some of the complimentary cake you have in front of you, we love cake here so you’re going to have to get used to that, and see what the rest of your time at the Texicon household has in store for you!”

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