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Good start. idk if you wanted technical feedback but the first thing I noticed is that your recording space doesn’t sound very treated at all. big echo/reverb, haha.

Performance wise, it sounded very back and forth if you knew who you were talking to and why (if that makes sense). For example, the ending tag line for both of yours are pretty on point, but the opening phrase for priceline sounded like it was a (internal) question, more than statement (then followed by the rhetorical question). Or at the beginning of the Bank ad, “Go for it” almost sounds like a deadpan challenge instead of an encouragement.

Overall a few things need tweaking but I think youre on the right track.

[[Disclaimer: I’m a rookie with ADHD. Sometimes I hyper-focus on something negligible and other times I make out-right ‘bad’ calls based on something I (wrongly) idealize. Also conversely, I can miss an elephant in the room. I focus on constructive criticism on the basis of improvement, so it may not be apparent how good I think a recording is; it’s not because I don’t want to gush about all the awesomeness 🙂 ]]