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Really good! but slow down! haha. If nothing else, the listener has to have time to process what you say. I have the exact same problem when I’m nervous so don’t put yourself in a catch-22; kinda just remember to be proudly plodding each sentence you make with distinction.

Also there was a varying amount of mouth clicks or something, especially noticeable in the first suave ad. seemed like every other word. Once you kinda tame those things you should be good to go otherwise!

[[Disclaimer: I’m a rookie with ADHD. Sometimes I hyper-focus on something negligible and other times I make out-right ‘bad’ calls based on something I (wrongly) idealize. Also conversely, I can miss an elephant in the room. I focus on constructive criticism on the basis of improvement, so it may not be apparent how good I think a recording is; it’s not because I don’t want to gush about all the awesomeness 🙂 ]]