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Really awesome work! I really felt the connection to the audience.

Two technical notes (if you were looking for them)
1) low key hum in the background. Not horrible but just to be aware of.
2) at :20 (“Prestarted PIECE”) there wasn’t really a plosive but you could barely hear a vibration feedback on your mic (maybe a boom arm?). Idk if a shockmount would fix it or just treating your environment. A person would have to be looking for it to hear it, but best foot forward, eh

Subjectively, I would try the opener two different tones and see which you like better: TRY something new today! (imperative) vs Try something NEW today! (wonderment)

Other than that I thought all the ‘hits’ were stellar.

[[Disclaimer: I’m a rookie with ADHD. Sometimes I hyper-focus on something negligible and other times I make out-right ‘bad’ calls based on something I (wrongly) idealize. Also conversely, I can miss an elephant in the room. I focus on constructive criticism on the basis of improvement, so it may not be apparent how good I think a recording is; it’s not because I don’t want to gush about all the awesomeness 🙂 ]]