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Hi kbridges,

I like how clear and articulate your voice is. I would think a mature read is about sounding knowledgeable in the subject and confident, like an expert. So I recommend aiming to sound very knowledgeable in what you’re saying. The Travel read actually strikes me as more mature because you “hit” the word at the end of your sentences(as the Edgestudio guidebook describes it) more than you did in the radio read, which made you sound more confident in the Travel read. It seems like you were trying to be mature by being less emotional in the radio spot, which might be what the client wants too, but without that sense of expertise in your voice, the read may just sound merely nonchalant for the most part. In the radio read, the end of most of your sentences had an uptick in pitch which can be fine, it’s just that it sounded like you were questioning what you were saying especially in the first sentence. So I think you inverted your words too often in that read and that wouldn’t sound expert-like. So I think hitting words, more than inverting them, particularly in the end of your sentence, would make you sound more credible and mature. At the end of the radio spot, you hit the word “.com”, for example. Having the attitude of an expert would help too.