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Hi TimberTykes – In the first sentence, there seems to be an unnecessary pause after “shift,” “slide,” and “Pokemon,” and then in the second sentence an unnecessary pause after “row.” During some of these pauses, I think I can hear you taking in a breath. So you might want to see if you are taking a breath too often, which is causing you to pause. If you taking a breath too often, perhaps see if you can only take a breath between sentences rather than in the middle of a sentence. Make sure you are relaxed and not tense, because that might cause you to take too short of a breath. Other ways that cause people to pause: if they see a comma (just ignore those commas) and some people tend to pause before they emphasize a word (I do this). Too many pauses will cause the read to sound choppy to the listener, so the idea is to be mindful of it and try not to pause too much. If you are able to edit out the pauses from this recording and listen to it again, you’ll probably find that it would be a smoother read. Hope this helps!