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Hi everyone! I’ve got a couple scripts here for my last session before demo prep. I’ve loved the feedback that I’ve received on past posts, and would greatly appreciate any more you all have to give.

With these scripts, my coach and I wanted to experiment with adding some small phrases to add my own flair to it. That’s why there are some phrases you’ll hear that aren’t in the verbatim script.

Church’s Chicken:
“Here’s the deal. At this time of year, you’re probably craving seafood. And if you are, you’re probably not thinking about Church’s Chicken, right? Well, think again, because Churchs has it covered. Try our Butterfly Shrimp Platter. That’s Eight tender butterfly prawns, fried until golden, your choice of TWO sides – YEAH, that’s right – TWO sides, and a honey butter cookie for only 5 dollars.”

WAAAY Imaging
“… These three and many other WAAAY Better Hits coming up, right after this product information especially for you! In 60 seconds, the most requested Hit of the week!”

Thanks again, everyone!

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