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Tonight’s homework:
Cactus Pepper Sauce
I serve Cactus Pepper Sauce to the trail hands ever day, cause they like their chow spicy! Believe me, that sauce keeps those cowboys boisterous and motivated. Oh, I just stir up Cactus Pepper Sauce from ingredients I find in the dessert, then I let it cure out in the chuck wagon. It’s a secret recipe, locked away in my mind.

AEC Foundation narration
Every child deserves to grow up with opportunities to learn and thrive. With his skills, her talents, each is a potential leader, a contributor, a productive citizen. How kids grow up will determine their success as adults. But sadly, more than one in five children in America are growing up in poor families and poor neighborhoods, where the chance to thrive is anything but a given. The Annie E. Casey Foundation is dedicated to changing that.

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