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Hello, sir.

Your voice is definitely friendly! I feel like you’re almost there in nailing the ziplock and amtrack. I’m thinking a little more variation in inflections through each piece would nail it.

For instance: “when it comes out this fresh, you know it went in a ziplock bag”…I see the words ‘this,’ ‘know,’ and ‘ziplock’ like hurdles on the track, and I would raise my entire body each time I said them.

The way you read Cleaner Elections, I felt like I was at the funeral for political ads. Like there was actually no way to change them. Rile up your audience with the first three phrases. Get them on your side with the next two questions. See them in your mind agreeing with you on the adjectives, while you hit each one fairly hard. And make them anticipate the answer to the last question, emphasizing almost every word. See how that might change the read.

On Amtrak, imagine those places in your mind that you agree make America a great and beautiful country to travel. Take it all in in you mind and savor it, maybe even imagine those inspirational cello string instrumentals that run over time lapsed clouds to give the inspirational feel, and that’ll help inform the pace, I think. And slow it down on the phone number, I didn’t get a pen in time! 🙂

Each file was cut off at the end, and I see what you mean about quiet, but it didn’t seem horrible. Like I says, you’re almost there, and you have the talent. Keep up the hard work!