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Here’s an audition I submitted for a show currently
running on Netflix. Here’s the character bio for Rand Ridley:
He is Reagan Ridley’s toxic, dependent and neglectful father, Tamiko Ridley’s ex-husband and the co-founder of Cognito, Inc., a shadow government company keeping the world conspiracies, most of which are true, out of the public eye. While initially appearing as likely a deeply hurt and broken man, in truth he is a manipulative, self-centered, power-hungry, abusive, obnoxious, narcissistic sociopath who cares little about Reagan other than for his own benefits and selfish advantages. At the end of the first season, he becomes the new and current CEO of Cognito Inc. after the previous one, J.R. Scheimpough, was send to a black site prison by the Shadow Board. He is the archenemy of his daughter, Reagan.

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