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Hello Edge Friends!

Could you pls. take a listen and provide honest feedback on my 4 commercial reads attached? Appreciate it and thank YOU!


There will ALWAYS be a part of you that simply DOESN’T TRANSLATE. TARGET. Cuenta con mas. Paga menos.

Coast to Coast:

YOUR business is OUR business. That’s why we make MORE eCommerce deliveries to homes THAN ANYONE in the country. A todas partes de los Estados Unidos.De costa a costa. Learn more at
 Coast to Coast delivery. 
Nuestra prioridad: Tu.

Microsoft – Potential:

WE see a company with YOUR name on it.
We’re inspired by people WHO THINK BIG.
We’re inspired by people WHO WORK TIRELESSLY in pursuit of goals that may seem impossible to everyone BUT them.
It’s why WE’RE PASSIONATE about CREATING SOFTWARE that helps them REALIZE those grand ambitions.
Your potential. Our passion.

AT&T Rethink Possible:

With the BEST global coverage and NEW, MORE affordable international data packages,…
Checking scores in Dublin, Ireland is like checking scores in Dublin, California.
AT&T makes it easier to use your phone abroad.
Packages start as low as $30.
Log on to for more details.
Rethink Possible.

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