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Nice voice. I thought the diction was a little mushy on the opening line “We are helping..” Same thing on “…cuts are eliminating..”. Also, the flow was broken a bit by some pauses at: “eliminating…music” and “Express…to help”. However, that second one might be somewhat ok. Less important at the moment but, you missed the “from” in “…join Blue *from* American Express”. One caveat, it’s easy to over do the diction clean up – it has to be clear but sound smooth and natural and not appear that you’re working too hard at the diction…
You can take all that with a grain of salt…just my two cents. The sincere intent is to be helpful.
Keep in mind that it does take time and effort to do the analysis and write it up. – touzet –
P.S. Back on the old Edge site, you actually had to do like two feedbacks for every one of your own files you could post.
Also,your posted file would be held in a spot at the front of the forum waiting for someone to give feedback and free it from un-reviewed purgatory.
They also listed how many times your audio was played – which was a nice feature.