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Hi everyone! I love hearing what you all are working on, I’m gonna sit down and leave some more feedback this afternoon.

In the meantime I would love any feedback on this In-Show Narration sample I’m considering for my narration demo. I know my vocals aren’t in great shape, but I wonder if my voice suits this copy, and what I could do to improve this read. Thanks in advanced!

– Chloe

“Cool waters. Hot sun. And fresh mountain breezes whispering on the wind. Think lake front living is only for the rich? Think again! Today we’re on the hunt for a bargain to renovate in lake country Wisconsin. This area is all about lake living, with more than 140 lakes in the county, lake country is a booming year round destination for people who love to boat, fish and do just about anything under the sun. Homes in this lake community can sell for more than a million dollars. But our bargain hunters are looking to buy a lakefront home for 450 thousand dollars.”

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