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I’m overdue on finishing these, so I’m gonna fix that! This time, I have four reads: Three from adaptations I wrote myself and one from the script library. As always, criticism is highly appreciated and I thank you for your time!

Blaze Pizza (Original)
22… 23… 24… …this is the fourth time this week. How many cars will you count before your pizza’s ready? I think it’s time for Blaze Pizza! Choose from five different crust options, pick your sauce and toppings, and they’ll have it out to you in ten minutes! Trust me, the drive to Nicholasville Road is worth it!

AT&T 5G Adaptation (original comes from “Foam Finger” TV Commercial):
My oven? Reliable, but not fast. Keys? Secure, but not always reliable. And my car? Fast, but NOT secure! But thanks to AT&T’s 5G phone plan, I can connect fast, reliably, and securely with the rest of the world! Simple stuff! …please tell me that’s not my car.

Crumbl Cookies (Original):
Is fish pizza a thing? From what ocean are they getting these ideas? Unique…doesn’t always mean tasty. You wanna talk unique AND tasty? Let’s talk Crumbl Cookies! Find Crumbl Cookies next to Party City by Hamburg in Lexington, choose from four to five unique flavors that rotate every week, and get your sweet tooth on the line!

Alaska (Holland America):
Before you stand in Denali’s shadow, view moose up close, float down the Yukon, and marvel at Glacier Bay, you have to call Holland America. Our Alaska is not just a collection of sights. It’s feeling the Gold Rush come to life, floating downriver on our exclusive Yukon Queen. And a first glimpse of sky-splitting peaks from our spacious rail cars. To get started, simply ask for our free Alaska Planning Guide. It’s brimming with everything you need to plan your dream trip, from the friendliest, most knowledgeable staff in Alaska. Put the dream in motion today. The difference is Holland America.

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