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Hi everybody!

Just practicing some commercial scripts. Feedback is always welcomed!



Attention shoppers:those of you who are over in home improvements, and are looking for Snapple, please be aware, you will NOT find any of Snapple’s assortment of flavors in THAT department. We realize a tasty drink like Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea or Kiwi Strawberry Cocktail would, in fact, be a FINE improvement to any home. But technically, Snapple is a beverage. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to keep it in the beverage aisle. With that said, thanks for your cooperation. And happy shopping, from SNAPPLE.

This one is for the girls who make it happen… The ones who look in the mirror with confidence. Who apply passion to everything they do.
This is for the women with drive in their eyes… Who see obstacles as opportunities. And show the world their courage and creativity every day.
This is for every woman who looks in the mirror and sees the power of possibility. And if sometimes that mirror is clouded by doubt or insecurity… This is for the girls who know what to do.
Put on your strong face, your “nothing’s going to stop me” face. Stand tall and proud. Go out and make it happen.
Maybelline New York, Make it Happen.

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