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Hi Sarania! I love your voice, very energetic. For old navy, I noticed a pattern of each sentence ending in a sort of down tone. I would recommend varying the end of each sentence , so some sentences end go up and down. I think this would help keep listeners attention.

For Sesame Place, I noticed that the word “Sesame” repeats a few times. I would recommend vary your tone for each “Sesame.”

Lastly, for Snapple. I hear that you are doing a sort of grocery store loud-speaker character. It’s a very cute piece of copy and well suited for your voice. My tip, I would try really visualizing who this character is and who this character is speaking to. Maybe picture yourself speaking into the phone from behind the counter at a store. This should help bring this to life a bit more.

Overall very nice reads, I think your voice is great for this copy!