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Hi Everyone:
Looking for some feedback to my latest homework assignments:

Thanks very much

Beringer Wine
Some might choose a lecture or documentary film to tell the story of 125 years of winemaking. We prefer a glass. At Beringer, we are proud to be the only winery
ever to win Wine Spectator’s “Number 1 Wine of the Year” for both a cabernet & a chardonnay. But our greatest achievement lies in knowing that everything we’ve learned is your to enjoy…each time you pour a glass of our wine. Beringer…All we are in every bottle

Sesame Place
Sesame Place is the theme park where Sesame Street comes to life! New in 2018 is our biggest, most exciting roller coaster ever – Oscar’s Wacky Taxi!
Bring the entire family to whirl on rides, splash down slides and hug everyone’s favorite furry friends! So before little kids become big kids, bring them to meet their Sesame Street friends at Sesame Place theme park!

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