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Animation demo – BOOM, right out the gate with your amazing tone in the 1st vignette. After hanging out with you on the AMAs, I wasn’t expecting such a deep, rich voice. Now vignettes 2-5, I was noticing some enunciation issues that made it hard for me to understand what I was listening to right away, but then in 6-8, I felt you were back in the saddle. Number 7 is hilarious! I would maybe make that your #2 instead of the old west, so that your listener hears your acting range right away. Again, it took too long to understand what you were saying in 2-5, and the British accent in 3 could either fit for a very specific character someone is looking for or turn off the listener. If you like it, I’d say maybe switch it with #6 or put it at the end.

June henchman number 3 – I’m not sure which voice was yours. The narrator/main character has some lazy mouth. The Japanese character was great. But because I’m not sure who you were, I’m not sure what to critique.

Isolated Speech – Around the :56 mark, I could hear the editing, which is the bane of my beginner existence. If I remember correctly, you have a disability that you are overcoming, right? So what you are able to do is impressive. I noticed that ‘s’ before ‘t’ as in ‘past’ and the non-sonorous ‘th’ sound in ‘through’ might be difficult for you, as well as the ‘r’ sound. I wonder what you can do to work on that…I would have no idea.

In the end, your tone is great, and your animation reel was very fun to listen to. Keep up the hard work!!