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Courtney Feiman

A little commercial read practice. Thank you for your feedback!

Disney Princess Pop Up Games:

New Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic games! Once upon a time…not far away…three games popped up where the Disney Princesses played! With a spin to the castle they came, and won this pop-up magic game! New Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Castle Games. Cinderella’s Coach and Tangled Tower Games each sold separately. And now… The journey continues at your local Stride Rite store! Purchase a pair of Stride Rite Disney Princess shoes and get a free Cinderella’s Coach game! While supplies last. But don’t wait until the midnight hour! This deal is only from February 21st to the 23rd! Locations may vary.

McDonalds Salads:

Me. Myself. My salad. Okay. This is it. This is the salad for me. The Grilled Chicken Caesar at McDonald’s. I am so into all the different kinds of lettuce and the cute little tomatoes. But what really shouts my name is all that warm grilled chicken. I drizzle on the low fat Newman’s Own all natural Balsamic Vinaigrette and I am one happy woman. Want to hear me go on and on about the crispy cobb or bacon ranch salad too? I’m lovin’ it.

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