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Just a few practice scripts.

Black Forest
Hello and welcome to travel beans. I’m Emma and behind the camera is Alex, and today we want to show you why you need to visit The Black Forest. The Black Forest is a mountain range located in southwest Germany covering an area of around 6,000 square kilometers. It is known for its dense dark forests and charming villages and is extremely popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts year round.

Im Dr Judy Bowie, a breast surgeon at Mayo clinic. In this video we will cover the basics of breast cancer. What is it? Who gets it? What are the symptoms? And What are the diagnosis & treatment options? Weather you are looking for answers for yourself or someone you love, we’re here to give you the best information available. Breast cancer is a relatively common type of cancer. In fact, it is the most common cancer world wide and the most common cancer diagnosed in the US. Currently, nearly 4 million women in the US alone are diagnosed with breast cancer.

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