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Hi! Your voice is very clear and you enunciate your words well! You also have a naturally high pitch for reads, which will help tremendously for high-energy reads! One point I want to address before going into each piece is tone. It sounds similar through all of the reads even when the situations are different. Identify who it is you’re addressing in each of these reads and why you’re talking about the product or service (more on that in the individual notes).

Alaska (Holland America): Strong start on “Before.” It helps inform the audience that there’s something else they’ll want to do so their trip to Alaska is more special than a standard drive around the countryside (or ride on the railcar). One thing that will also help is to switch emphasis to “…you have to call Holland America.” Remember: You want them to enjoy the experience as much as possible by making them feel as if they can do this to make it more fun rather than a process they have to go through before they can go on the trip.

Harvey Home Theatre: This is an example piece of copy where you may want to play with punctuation rather than follow it uniformly. One question: How smart is he? Is he really so smart that he can do more than just cardiac surgery with ease? Or are there things even he has trouble with? That can help inform the tone for this read–I can feel a sassy quality from this copy just reading it. The heightened energy does work when you talk about it to your audience–after all, you want to transport them to a world where they control their immersion, don’t you?

Waterpik: This read sounded the most natural out of the three and feels like the best fit for your natural voice! Again, think about the tone of the copy. Think about how much of a struggle it is to manually floss between every single tooth. But, you have a solution! A strong start can always carry through to the ending when you know what your lead-in line is (what happened or was said immediately before you say the first word).

Out of all of these, the Waterpik and Alaska reads work best for your natural voice. Keep working some more on these to get a more conversational read!