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Hi all,
Another round of homework for my commercial demo. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


American Cancer Society
It’s tough to quit smoking. Just ask any of the 50 million Americans who continue to puff away, even though they know the toll it takes on health and longevity. When it comes to breaking this lethal habit, the most effective tool is willpower. The American Cancer Society now offers a free video for those smokers who feel they can’t quit alone. Call the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY today, at 1-800-575-2424

Motivational informercial
Listen in as we share the research-proven formula for success. Plus, athletes, stars and trainers share their motivational tips! All coming up in the next 30-minutes!

Ziplock 2
Only Ziploc brand bags have a unique interlocking zipper to lock in freshness in a way no other bag can. When it comes out this fresh, you know it went in a Ziploc bag. Ziploc. We’ve got a lock on freshness.

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