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Your voice is delightful and I think you are definitely on the right track regarding pitch lift and flow, volume consistency, and I didn’t hear any accent. You also have a great recording setup. However, I do think each one fell short in some way so I will list them.
HorrorFest – You’re talking much too fast. One thing to keep in mind regarding narration: People intently listen to these kinds of voiceovers so you need to speak in a tempo that allows them to take in the information.
Google – You’re not talking quite as fast, but I would still slow down and relax.
Tampax – Now this sounds like a commercial, your speed is very suitable and you hit all the right words. Even so, I would work on being more relaxed and casual, rushing through a script is often tempting, but it can be avoided.
AlwaysMultipax – I got nothing… This was FANTASTIC!