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I like your tone of voice and you did a nice job emphasizing the brand names.

The recommendations I would make as you continue to perfect your skills:
* Try to visualize the visuals that will accompany your read so you can add appropriate tones with the words, i.e. A1 – “Mmmm, delicious” was a little flat as opposed to how you would say it if you were imagining taking a bite of a big juicy burger 🙂
The same applies to reading the menu items in the Atlanta Bread read.

* The read sounds a bit choppy. Try to read a few more words in your one breath to smooth out the read, while maintaining the nice slow pace you used.

* I’ll pass on a tip I received a few years ago, pay attention to how you talk with your friends/family (record it if necessary), then try to incorporate those elements in your read.

To your success!
— Renita —