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Alexandra Potocka

Sounds GREAT!
A couple thoughts. The first time you say buck n****d (are we not allowed to write that word? lol) I would say it somehow differently. Maybe add a big smile and stretch out the words a little. Something to make it sound a little cheeky (no pun intended). Something that will set it apart from the next line which states the company..
For legend airlines, I would play with pacing. Some words or even full sentences could be said a little faster or slower to add variety. And, I would add a slightly longer pause between the sentences.
maybe emphasize “rich” and “port” in rich port sauce.
But most importantly I think you need to notice how all of your sentences end on the exact same note. (I have such a hard time with this too). This particular script is very challenging in this respect. It’s hard to add variety when all of the sentences are almost the same! Try starting them on different notes, it might help you change it up. I think changing the speed would help with this too. Also, (Im sure you’ve heard this before) you don’t have to follow the punctuation! For example, “We’re not a furniture store. But we do provide….
OR We’re not a luxury hotel? But we do…
Hope my random thoughts help some!