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Hi Steve! Very nice! I like your deep warm and clear voice – it cuts through nicely!
Cosmos: This was my favorite for you, your voice is very well suited for space narration. Great pacing, pauses and emphasized words throughout. After “…rippling with life.” it seems like you could take just a micro-pause longer, like you are setting the stage for the rest of the story. The word “cost” had a slight accent, sounded like “cawst” (Boston area maybe?) that I did not hear for the rest of the script, just an observation from me, a mid-westerner.
AEC: This was clear and had good pacing, but you did not sound as connected / interested in the script.
Time Capsule: I liked this one, but it felt a tiny bit rushed. You could perhaps pause a tiny bit more after some of the questions, which will allow listeners to take a beat and think about the questions, not a big deal. Really nice work!!