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Hi Logan, nice work! I like your deep, clear and articulate voice.
Comlongon: Interesting emphasis on several words throughout. It seemed a little choppy throughout, you might try smoothing it out a bit with not as many pauses. For a completely different take, it sounds like you might be able to push a Scottish or character voice accent to see how it sounds.
Roll20: Good pacing on this one. “…new mobile app!” sounded more like “…new mobile app.”, with a downward tone at the end instead of a more excited exclamation. You are excited about the new mobile app, but it does not come across that way.
Ripple: The variation in tone is good, but it sounds a little robotic for the script. The exclamation points in this script also end with a downward tone, you might try a more upbeat ending for those, which will translate to projecting more energy and positivity about the product. Hopefully that helps! Keep it up.