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Logan DFD

I just had my first Private Coaching Demo last week, and I’ve recorded myself reading some scripts. I’d appreciate if you all would take a listen. Thanks!

Comlongon Castle Script

Steeped in Scottish Border history, Comlongon Castle
is more than just a Scottish Wedding Castle venue — it
has fantastic displays of Armor, weapons and banners,
while the opulent bedrooms boast 4-poster beds and jacuzzis,
providing a stunning blend of Medieval and modern luxury.

Roll20 Mobile App Script

We want you to be able to keep your characters, in your pocket.
And that all starts here. Roll20 is excited to announce the invite beta
for our new mobile app! You’ve been asking, and now we’re reaching out
to our awesome community to help us build the best mobile VTT experience!

Ripple Foods Script

This is Ripple! It’s Dairy Free done right.
It’s plant-based for the great taste! 8 times more protein
than almond milk, and 15 percent more calcium than dairy milk!
When you want more in every pour, all you need is Ripple!
It’s Dairy-Free done right!

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