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Got some more homework recordings! I went with a political ad and a History Channel ad. Id love to hear what people have to say! Im really trying to work on pronunciation, especially “For” instead of “fer” and “to” instead of “ta”, so hopefully I didnt over do the effort on those!
Ill paste the scripts here too!


Smear campaigns…mud slinging…twisting the truth.
Why do politicians resort to such underhanded tactics?
Do they think it really helps their campaign?
It’s u**y, uncalled for, and deceitful.
So why do we allow them to continue?
It’s time to level the playing field.
You want our vote? Then focus on the issues that affect all of us.
This election season, advocate for a clean election process.
Paid for by the committee for cleaner elections.


If you lived before our time, who would you be?
Would you fight your brother for the rights of another? Who would you be?
Would you find new dreams or create wonders?
What if you could choose from a 1,000 yesterdays; a 1,000 lives, when the past was today and the new took your breath away.
Who would you be? What would you feel? How would you live? Who would you love?
Remembering every generation before us;
Remembering for generations to come.
The History Channel. Where the past comes alive.

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